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Abdul Razzaq Joins Former Pakistan Players Alleging India Lost to England on Purpose at 2019 World Cup

Abdul Razzaq Joins Former Pakistan Players Alleging India Lost to England on Purpose at 2019 World Cup

Following the footsteps of his former teammate Mushtaq Ahmed, Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq also joins the bandwagon claiming that India purposely lost the match against England at the 2019 World Cup.

Former India captain MS Dhoni had failed to take his team over the line despite a Rohit Sharma century. India had been asked to chase 338 after England batted first.

The match became a hot topic after Ben Stokes’ latest book ‘On Fire’, touched on the game in some detail. The all-rounder wrote that “there was little or no intent from Dhoni” in the match, and described the partnership between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli as “mystifying”.

The matter boiled over when former Pakistan bowler Sikander Bakht took to Twitter claiming that Stokes wrote in his book that India lost intentionally to England to remove Pakistan from the World Cup. Stokes however denied the claims on social media, calling the suggestions as “click bait”.

Nonetheless, Razzaq strongly believes India lost on purpose to keep Pakistan out of the knockout rounds.

“We were watching the match, we all felt the same. I also think ICC should put a fine on this. If any team loses a match intentionally to make sure a team does not qualify, then the team should be fined for this. If a quality bowler is not trying to bowl according to his standards, not giving a good line and length, and bowling full length, and giving away runs, then it comes to notice,” Razzaq told ARY Sports.

“There is no doubt (India lost the match intentionally). I said it at that time as well. Every cricketer felt the same. A player who can hit a six or a four is defending the ball, you just know,” he further added.

Former Pakistan spinner Mushtaq Ahmed saying that West Indies players had told him after watching the game that India lost the game to stop Pakistan from entering the knockout stages. “I was working with the West Indies squad at last year’s World Cup. After India’s loss to England, Jason Holder, Chris Gayle and Andre Russell said to me, Mushy, India didn’t want to see Pakistan qualify for the semi-finals,” Mushtaq Ahmed had said in the same interview.

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