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Coronavirus recovery rate in Rajasthan at all-time high of 62.6% | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: As the state reaches closer to the culmination of lockdown 4.0, Rajasthan’s rate of recovery from Covid-19 has reached its all-time high. Over 62% of the total cases of Covid-19 have recovered in the state.
Earlier, the recovery rate was at 59.4% on May 12, but since May 24, it has been increasing continuously and it touched 62.6% on Friday, which is an all-time high. At the start of the month, the rate of recovery was just 41.8%. Since then, the recovery rate kept steadily increasing till May 12. As more and more migrants started reaching the state, the recovery rate started going down after May 12 and it continued to dip till it reached 54.7% on May 24. However, the situation started improving after that and since then, the rate of recovery has been increasing constantly.
The health department officials informed chief minister Ashok Gehlot about the recovery rate during review of Covid-19 situation in the state on Saturday.
So far, out of 8,141 total Covid-19 patients, 5,290 have recovered or have been cured of Covid-19 in the state. With more persons having recovered, the number of active cases came down to 2,939 till Saturday afternoon.
On May 12, the number of active cases was 1,555. Since then, this number continued to increase due to migrants testing positive for the virus and on May 24, the figure of active cases breached the 3,000-mark.
Besides this, the mortality rate is 2.2%, which is much less than West Bengal (6.2%), Gujarat (6.1%), Madhya Pradesh (4.3%), Meghalaya (3.7%), Maharashtra (3.3%), Telangana (2.9%), Uttar Pradesh (2.7%) and Delhi (2.2%). On the other hand, Uttarakhand, Kerala and Bihar have the lowest mortality rate from Covid-19 which is 0.7%, 0.7% and 0.4% respectively.

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