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Covid-19 Factoid: Among most affected countries, India’s record drives hope

The global tally of infections could cross the 6.5-million mark any moment now. More than 3 million people have managed to beat the virus, but 383,109 patients have already lost their lives in the pandemic. In fact, one in 10 closed cases has been fatality worldwide. In a positive trend, daily new deaths have come down from the peak of 8,000-plus a day to 4,000-5,000 a day now.

In India, the count of confirmed cases has crossed 200,000. Of this number, 101,497 cases are still active, while 100,302 patients have been cured, and 5,815 patients have died in the country so far.

Here are some statistics mapping the outbreak:

#1. India crossed 200,000 cases-mark

India reached the 200,000 mark in confirmed cases from 100,000 in 15 days. By comparison, the US, which has the highest number of confirmed cases worldwide, took just five days to add the second 100,000 to its tally. India had taken the longest among the most affected countries to register the first 100,000 cases, but the pace has quickened in the next set.

#2. Punjab’s V-shaped recovery

Out of its 2,376 reported cases, only 12 per cent are now active. States with the highest number of cases in the country – such as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi – all have over 40 per cent of its cases still active. Assam, because of a recent spurt in cases, has the highest percentage of active cases.

#3. Pakistan witnesses sudden surge

Pakistan, which had a similar trajectory as India in March, and seen a subdued growth throughout April. However, the country has seen a recent spike in daily new cases, higher than 2,000 every single day for the past week. It had its highest single-day increase of over 4,000 cases on June 3. Pakistan’s confirmed cases tally is currently at 80,000 roughly, with 1,688 fatalities. Approximately 34 per cent of its cases have now recovered.

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