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GHAZIABAD: With number of tests increasing, Ghaziabad administration has introduced a Covid-19 patient management system, an integrated data portal with information from detection of patients to level of infection, accessible to all stakeholders.
According to officials the system is aimed at reducing time lag from the point of identifying a patient till his discharge and the whole process will be overseen by two nodal officers appointed by the district magistrate.
“We realized that over the last fortnight number of positive cases in Ghaziabad has increased manifold which is due to the fact that we are conducting more tests than before and for this we needed to put in place a robust system which will help effective management of the system” said Ajay Shankar Pandey, district magistrate.
“The Covid 19 patient management system helps reduce time lag from the point of identifying a patient till his discharge” added Pandey.
Explaining the working of Covid-19 patient management system PN Dixit one of the nodal officers appointed for the purpose says “the process will start from uploading patients details on portal(Google spreadsheet) on real time basis.”
“Second stage involves a team of 9 doctors getting in touch with patients identified who will pose a 5-point questionnaire to them to assess severity of the disease and accordingly allotting L1,L2,L3 covid hospitals to them which will be noted in the google spreadsheet accessible to all stake holders” added Dixit.
Next stage involves dispatching ambulances and paramedic teams to ferry patients who will be admitted to allotted covid hospital. “On reaching allotted covid hospital doctors at the time of attending patient will enter time and medication administered will be noted down in the spreadsheet and their condition will be monitored and remarks like remarks like good, poor, satisfactory or referred entered in google spreadsheet as per their prevailing condition” said Dixit.
Right from the time of identifying a patient till his discharge details will have to be compulsorily entered in the google spreadsheet. “The document will be accessible to all including two nodal officers appointed for the job and in case any discrepancy in terms of delay is noticed the nodal officers will direct concerned doctors to rectify it and this way we would ensure that the time lag in the entire process is reduced through proactive approach” said Dixit. “Also details of such a huge number of patients will be available in one document which could be accessed by all in the health department and the administration” said Dixit.

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