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COVID19 – The Psychological War

As we know so far, every subject of this planet has to be related to the Covid19 issue. Though at the very beginning of this epidemic nobody here was concern about what is going to happen with us. When China alone was facing this challenge, the other parts of the world were busy sharing memes and jokes relating to COVID19. If the shared videos and reports were not fake, we can say that Italy had to face the worse result of a sudden just because of the negligence towards the truth.

Though this is not a time for repeated analysis of the happenings, instead, we should now be very much focused on the way to regain our normal lives as soon as possible. But the question is who will give back us the good old days! Who will recover our kind again to the panic free days?

Definitely the answer should be our Government, as no God will come to save us. Besides, a major part of the common people has already started to feel the Govt in the Gods’ place. Not by choice, but by the pressure of survival, they are now compelled to leave every decision of life in the hands of the Govt. When we witness all of our daily works are being controlled and ruled by the Govt, then definitely we will have to demand every security from the Govt. Thus, the Govt should also take the whole responsibility of every citizen’s life. But the current scenario of Assam is showing a very unexpected environment. Where apart from Corona’s attack, some different issues have turned the mass psychology into a very complex stage.

The casualties that took place in the name of Lockdown have come to such a stage that a citizen now scares to express the truth about very common physical illness too. Recently a cancer patient in Guwahati has committed suicide before Corona could harm him! Many patients died without treatment because the hospitals require the Covid19 test report before admitting. It’s not at all acceptable if a critical patient is asked for this test report which cant be done instantly. Many more unfortunate incidents like these may be added to this list.

As we are told to follow every rule and regulation by the Govt blindly, we are in a position of nothing to do of our own. We can not make any complaint against the rules even if we have to face a harder experience too. Only because it’s an emergency situation. But till when the emergency situation will be continued? It’s true that the Govt also had to face some challenging facts. But more than two months have already been passed hearing and staying with this word ’emergency’. Is this prolonged period not enough for our Govt to minimize the terror of the emergency? How many normal lives will have to be destroyed more in the name of an emergency?

Though many sectors have been permitted to continue their normal schedule, the Medical sector is still being used as the most emergency service. It’s true that the role of the Medical sector in this situation is of the highest importance. But this engagement of the health sector has drawn some severe negative impacts. Which is creating a panic situation in society. And the result can be felt everywhere around us.

The common people in Assam didn’t have much faith in the Govt treatment from the earlier days. Beyond the financially weaker section, all the people normally opt for private treatment here. But this time, no people is being able to choose the doctor. All formalities of treatment are being done according to the Govt rule only. Where even the guardian is not also allowed to stay with the patient. Unfortunately if a patient has to die too, then also the guardian cant make any question about authenticity. Plus the panic created by the repeated announcements by the Govt and the news or views spread by the media has started to react oppositely. The month-long awareness program is invertedly causing only irritation. As a result, many people have started to think about this issue in a different way. As the death rate of Covid19 is being seen very low here, the fear of being affected has also been lower than the initial days. Instead, a lot of people have started to claim that COVID may be defeated at the end but the process in doing so will definitely result in many of us being the losers. The process of isolation is not easy to go throw for a patient. Especially, when the patient is informed that there is no medicine for this treatment. And if the patient has to be admitted in a system on which he/she has nothing to call trust, the recovery becomes very tough for those. The whole scenario that’s been being provided through media has made such an environment that many of us would utter like the very familiar dialogue – “Corona se darr nehi lagtaa sahab, isolation se lagta hain!”

The Govt must not forget that the people may be locked in homes with the power of Ruling authority. But it is possible for a certain period only. After that no authority can stop people from doing their own. When life comes to that point on which one can feel only insecurity everywhere, then no fear for authorities, no fear of being beaten by police can touch them. And that certain point is not far away now. Many people already have faced it. There are two ways in front of them now. To die without working and to die fighting with corona. Definitely, all of them choose to fight with Corona. Because, Corona doesn’t kill every people but hunger does. The mass people already have felt this basic truth. But does the Govt ever notice?

In this long period of offering people new and, new rules Govt should also notice the irony that, the group of people for whom the govt is till now positioned on God’s place is the same as of the protester’s group during the CAA movement. This proves that these people have no constant trust in this Govt. Hence the Govt cant directly claims that this challenge of COVID would be over with people’s effort and co-operation. All the regulations are going to be of no result if people don’t co-operate with it. In fact, a big conflict between people and administration will arise this way. Therefore the basic duty of Govt in this time is to attract public interest towards their Medical system. Otherwise, every attempt will turn in to a big zero.

As this war is against an invisible enemy that spreads through the human body, we should also think of every relating factor very carefully. No traditional war strategy is going to help us this time. If we take this challenge as Nature’s challenge to humankind, then also we need to be extra careful in handling this situation. Because the result of stepping against nature is definitely known very well to all.

One more side we can not ignore at all is the political side. Many of us use to say why political in the time of an epidemic? The answer is very straightforward. If the epidemic situation is being covered by a political party, why to avoid the political issue? It is true that reacting too much politically in the time of emergency is definitely not a good deal. But for how long period people will not sound anything political? That’s also a valid question of this time. We shouldn’t forget that the Assam Legislative Assembly election is also coming. If we neglect this part in the shake of being silent in the name of emergency, definitely we will be the victim of another more subject. And that subject will be only political at that time.

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