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Karnataka approves takeaways at microbreweries | Bengaluru News

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BENGALURU: The Karnataka government on Tuesday allowed takeaway sale of fresh liquor at microbreweries, pubs, clubs, hotels, bars, restaurants and wine boutiques from 9am to 9pm.
In May, the state government had permitted microbreweries, hotels and other outlets to clear piled-up stocks through takeaway sales. The owners had demanded that their outlets be allowed to continue takeaway sales with fresh stock and the government has now granted them permission till June 30.
Take away 2 litres of fresh beer
Most microbreweries in Karnataka had cleared their inventory of beer. Now, they can brew fresh beer and sell it in parcel.
“Takeaway sale of freshly brewed beer is allowed and customers can take it in glass, ceramic container up to 2 litres,” said SL Rajendra Prasad, additional excise commissioner.
Ajay Nagarajan, CEO of Windmills Craftsworks, said, “Any sales will help considering we have been shut for three months.”
While sanction to produce beer does make a difference, takeaways make up just 10% of the regular revenue. It will only help pay bills and manage overhead costs. “It is one battle at a time for us and we should have fresh beer in a few weeks,” added Nagarajan.
Sibi Venkataraju, founder of microbrewery Toit, told TOI earlier this week that sales through takeaway has helped in clearing only 50% old stock. “It is disappointing for bars to remain shut for another month with sustainability now under question. We were the first to shut and will probably be the last to open with still no clarity on when that will be,” he said. Another thing that will continue to be a dampener is the decision to shut shops at 9pm which is a typical time when people decide to venture out.
The order issued by the excise department indicates that bars and restaurants are likely to be reopened from June 8.

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