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JAIPUR: Rajasthan government would send its last set of ‘Shramik Special’ train on Monday. Authorities said that they now have few registered migrants mainly from West Bengal, thus they are winding up the operations of these trains. Till Saturday evening the state government had sent 118 trains to different states in which 1.62 lakh migrant workers went home. Also the state government so far has paid nearly Rs 7.87 crores as fare to the railway authorities.
Senior officers of the transport department were chalking out the final list of the migrant workers and trains to be sent in next couple of days.
“Now we have no passenger load and demand for the Shramik special as for sending a train to a particular state we need 1200 people. So far we have sent trains to various parts of the state. Now we are left with migrant workers of West Bengal and Jharkhand only,” said Ravi Jain, transport commissioner who is coordinating with the North Western railways (NWR) in getting the trains while talking to TOI on Saturday.
Jain said that with the proper coordinating with the Rajasthan State Roadways Corporation(RSRTC) migrants from various districts were collected at a particular station from where these trains originated and sent to various parts of the country.
Asked about the break up of various states where the trains were sent, he said , “As per the status till 4 pm on Saturday we had sent 59 trains to Bihar, 35 to Uttar Pradesh, nine to West Bengal, seven to Jharkhand, two to Madhya Pradesh and one train each to Andhra Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Assam and Odisa,” he added.
On the other hand NWR authorities said that apart from state government arranging for food packets and water they too have given food, snacks and water to the travelling migrant workers. “Now we have added sanitary napkins for the women migrant workers traveling in these trains,” said a senior officer of NWR.
On Saturday the trains which were departed included Jaipur to West Bengal via Jharkhand and Jaipur to West Bengal. “In the first train we have accommodated the migrant workers of Jharkhand and West bengal and in another train we have sent workers to West Bengal,” he added.
Four other trains that are planned for Sunday and Monday including Jaipur Via Alwar to West Bengal, Jaipur to New Jalpaigudi to Guwahati, Ajmer to New Jalpaigudi, Jaipur to Howrah.
Movement of Shramik Special trains till 4pm on Saturday
118 trains have been sent to 11 states: Bihar (59), Uttar Pradesh (35), West Bengal (9), Jharkhand (7), Madhya Pradesh (2), Uttarakhand (1), Andhra Pradesh (1), Kerala (1), Chhattisgarh (1), Assam (1), Odisha (1).

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