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UP: Cobra found in almirah in Agra house | Agra News

A four-foot long venomous cobra had entered into a house.

AGRA: A 4-foot long cobra was found in a drawer of an almirah inside the house in Agra’s Murenda village on Thursday. The venomous reptile was safely rescued by the Wildlife SOS team and was later released back in its natural habitat.
Thursday afternoon turned out to be quite unexpected for a family residing in Murenda village near Runakta, when they discovered a four-foot long venomous cobra in their house. The cobra was reportedly seen making its way into the top drawer of an almirah, kept in the living room. The panic-stricken family immediately reported the incident to Wildlife SOS on their emergency helpline number.
A two-member team from the NGO immediately rushed to the location. After ensuring that the occupants were at a safe distance, the team carefully extricated the distressed cobra from the almirah and transferred it in a safe transport carrier. It took 30 minutes minutes to conduct the rescue operation.
Baijuraj MV, Director Conservation Projects for Wildlife SOS, said, “We are glad that more and more people are reaching out to us for help, rather than taking matters in their own hands. Snake sightings increase in the monsoons and our teams work round the clock to ensure no call for aid goes unanswered.”
India is home to a variety of snake species ranging from extremely venomous snakes like the Cobra and common krait to relatively harmless and non-venomous ones like the common sand boa, red sand boa, wolf snake and rat snake.

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