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UT steps in, says school fee cannot be increased | Chandigarh News

UT administrator V P Singh Badnore (Image credit: Twitter)

CHANDIGARH: There will be no hike in school fee for the academic session of 2020-21. Tuition fee will be charged at the same rate of 2019-20. Private schools will have to display fee structure on their websites and inform the UT administration on or before June 15. These details were a part of a fresh order UT administrator V P Singh Badnore issued under Disaster Management Act 2005 in “public interest” on Wednesday.
The order comes after the education department received complaints from parents that schools were collecting extra charges besides tuition fee. On May 18, the department had asked all schools to charge only tuition fee per monthly from parents and deposit the amount by 15th of every month from June. Many schools have already hiked the fee, while some were to charge the increased fee from June.
The department had also directed the schools to upload income and expenditure account and balance sheets according to provisions of Section 5 of Punjab Regulation of Fee of Unaided Educational Institutions Act, 2016, as extended to Chandigarh. Most of the private schools have not complied with the provisions of the Act. Most of the schools have also not uploaded the complete fee structure on their websites.
Affiliation bye-laws of CBSE, 2018 (7.3) stipulate that all affiliated schools shall charge fee under the heads prescribed and approved by the state government.
The new order stated, “There will be no increase in school fee for the year 2020-21 without specific approval from the administration. Tuition fee will be charged at same rates, as was charged in 2019-20. No hidden/additional charges will be included. All private schools shall display the details of fee structure (specifically tuition fee), as per the provisions of section 5(c) of Fee Regulation Act, 2016 on their website and will also intimate the same to administration on or before June 15, 2020.”
The administration noted that neighbouring states have given directions not to increase the fee owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

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